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Sarah Connor Chronicles

Bring us your fic, meta, art...

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Welcome to schronicles, an all-encompassing community for all things Sarah Connor Chronicles. We encourage fic posts/links, art, vids, meta, challenge announcements...if it's related to the Fox TV series Sarah Connor Chronicles, we want it.

Our show is "on the bubble" - efforts to help save it!

We have a few rules. Follow those.

1) Please ensure that your posts are spellchecked and respect that your friendly mods and fellow community members might not want to read anything that is an abomination to the English language. (If English is not your native language, we're way nicer about this. *g*)

2) Since this is a smaller fandom, we welcome all kinds of fic, art and vids. Slash, het and gen are all welcome here. Clearly identify what it is, so as to prevent...distress. *g* If you don't like it, scroll past. Any and all pairings are fine.

3) Etiquette:
- Please be courteous and use cut-tags accordingly.
- Don't post more than once daily.
- Don't post anything with a weird font or a different color text. This is a public community, and as such, we would like to keep it as user-friendly and readable as possible.
- Do not link to friends-locked posts.
- Spoilers: Cut tag any episode spoilers for future episodes and episodes within one week of airing.

4) Plagiarism Policy: If we see that you've plagiarized someone, you'll be banned from this community. We will welcome whomever you've plagiarized to make a post about it publically in this community, which will be linked under the tag of 'plagiarism'.

Any questions or comments, please e-mail either of your friendly mods (svmadelyn and seperis). Our e-mails can be found in our user profiles.

Additonal links of interest: scc_vids, Destiny or Circumstance: A SCC Fiction Archive, sccxovers